Melissa Colangelo

Dear Betty,  on internet we saw some of your amazing, creative and unique works; they arereally  special and real pieces of art!  It 's incredible how you work and your  unique tecnique.  The one work we like mostly is "Song of Forest-I"; it has a contemmporary interpretation, the authenticity of your  alternative way to create  and represent impressed us so much! So many compliments for all of them.

Abstract Old City

Fabulous!! We absolutely fell in love with it the moment we saw it. Debbie S.


Dear Betty, I am the proud owner of two of your pictures.Every day they are a source of joy and feeling good to me.Thank you!

Beverly Guilliams, United States

Spirit of Nature-1
Congrats on Your Sale!!!!....Fantastic


This is so wispy and joyful!.Shirley

Lynn Carin

Your artwork is absolutely awesome, Betty!I love the Flowers and Crystal & Stones sections, but all of it was beautiful.You must be one amazing lady! God bless you for creating such beauty for whoever sees it!Love & a BIG Hug for sharing your lovely paintings... the colors go together so well -I love the smiling people in the crystals!

Gina USA

What a beautiful painting of this most cherished place! Gina

Long Life

The image of painting "Long Life" was donated to Jewish Women International Project "Happy Mother Day"